Complete Re-Wiring

  • Professional Electrical Services

    We have a team of immensely qualified and experienced electricians who will undertake and complete any electrical rewiring job regardless of the property size. Our mission is a hassle free competitively priced job for all our clients, which is why so many clients get recommended to us.

  • Sockets of all Descriptions

    Sockets are available in thousands of different ratings, colours and of course makes. We'll make sure that you get the very best sockets at the most competitive prices, and also that we get the best colour match to compliment your home decor.

  • Wifi and Networking

    In most homes the modem/router supplied by your internet service provider will be adequate to send the signal around the home. There are occasions when either a repeater or hard cabling will be required, such as very large properties, or where there are several stories

  • Lighting

    These days, the emphasis with lighting is energy saving, and this is an area that we have extensive knowledge, so not only will be offer you a choice of the most aesthetically appealing lighting units, we'll be aiming to reduce your energy consumption.

  • Complex Electrical Installations

    Right from the planning and advising stage, through to the finished rewire we'll keep you informed to ensure that the rewire is carried out exactly as you would like it to be. All our work is guaranteed to be of the highest standard and compliance that you'll find anywhere in our industry.

  • Switching Combinations

    Whether its dimmers, two way, three way or simple pull cord in a bathroom, we ensure that we install the right switches for the situation, and we'll show you all the possibilities technically and what colors and qualities are available.

Services Overview

The Complete Service

We're not just about electrics, we are a subsidiary of the FMSUK GROUP, so we have the expertise to tackle any job from start to finish.


Through our knowledge and experienced gained we can offer the very best lighting solutions to suit every scenario.

Eco Friendly

Reducing your energy bills, not just through electrics is an area of expertise that we have invested in heavily, so why not call upon or knowledge?

Bring it all Together

The hub of every home's electrical system is the consumer unit, there are several factors which govern how this should be done to keep your home safe.

Plugs and Sockets

Sockets are protected by the system we install, however making sure that you replace fuses within a plug with the correct rating is also important.

Light Switches

Dimmer switches can create a wonderful ambiance, but they are not suitable for all light fittings and situations, just ask and we'll advise.