Fault Finding & Repairs

  • Electrical Fault Finding

    From the simplest component failure to highly complex wiring faults, we've got the skill, knowledge base and equipment to get to the fault quickly and carry out the necessary repairs with minimum inconvenience to you.

  • Electrical Sockets

    Very often a very subtle fault within a wall socket can cause your system to trip via what's known as an RCD (protection System), we'll find it, fix it and get your system reset safely and rapidly.

  • Electronics

    From time to time an electrical fault in your home may be caused by a faulty electronic component, the most common of which is known as a PCB board, if the part is readily available and it makes financial sense to repair then we'll always do our best.

  • Lighting Faults

    Lighting faults can manifest themselves in a number of ways, normally the RCD (protection System will trip. Even a light bulb failing could cause the trip of a modern day systems.

  • Complex Electrical Faults

    Very few companies can offer an electrical fault finding and repair service to highly complex systems. We are a division of the FMSUK-GROUP which means that our team is used to working on major systems within Blue Chip companies.

  • Appliance Faults

    Appliance faults are sometimes the most difficult to locate, but with a careful and precise method of elimination we'll locate the fault and advise you on the most economical solution.

Services Overview

Fault Finding Service

Fast and efficient fault finding is what we're very good at, it's our expertise and knowledge which helps to keep costs down for you.

Wiring Diagrams

Wherever necessary our engineers will refer to diagrams to assist with electrical fault finding and repair work, however complex..


Having the latest state of the art testing equipment is essential to us providing you with a first class level of service.

Repair Work

Our mission is to keep the costs down for all our clients, so where a repair instead of a component replace is viable and of course safe, we'll always seek that route.


All our electrical engineers carry a vast stock of the common components on their van, this is an investment we've made so that they can always offer you a fast and efficient service.

Making Good

When our electrical fault finding and repair work is complete, you won't know that we've been there, because we have an entire backup of every required tradesmen.