Emergency Lighting to BS5266

  • What is BS5266?

    In certain commercial and industrial buildings there is a requirement for emergency lighting and the required standards are found in BS5266.

  • Exit Signs

    One of the most commonly installed emergency lighting units is the exit sign, normally green and white and must have a back up battery.

  • Exit Routes

    Must be clearly marked for all staff and visitors, the legislation is very complex, so please ask us to visit and offer advice.

  • Exits and Routes

    En-route and at the emergency exits must be kept clear at all times, it's the law and failure to do so renders a business highly responsible.

  • Fire Alarm Panels

    The latest technology will indicate a failure code when an emergency exit light has a fault, hence the reason to speak to us.

  • Drawings and Plans

    In some circumstances there has to be clearly marked drawings showing all access to exit points, we can produce these for you.

Services Overview

The Control Panel

Easily maintained and when a fault exists you will be alerted, simply get in tough with us day or night and we'll attend to fix the fault.

Illuminated exit signs

Here is a typical example of a lighted exit sign, we install these for all situations and there are numerous varieties.


Emergency lighting in stairways is of particular importance, if the stairway is considered to be a part of the escape route.

Internal Stairs

Many tall industrial buildings have metal stairs and platforms, again these need to be lit when they are an integral part of the exit route.

Drawings And Plans

Here is a very simple version of how exits and routes should be clearly displayed in certain circumstances and industries.

Exit Sign

This is another commonly installed version of an exit sign which complies with current legislation, integral back up battery included.