Fire Alarms To BS5839

  • What is BS5839?

    It's the legal standards that are set down in order to provide safe installation and maintenance of all fire detection equipment.

  • Complete Installations

    Choosing the correct equipment and having it installed and commissioned correctly is vital, so please get in touch with us.

  • Monitoring

    There are several options available for digital monitoring of your fire detection system, we would be happy to offer advice.

  • Sprinklers

    Thee are certain instances where automatic sprinklers are an absolute requirement in law, they can prevent a fire spreading.

  • Meeting Points

    When a fire alarm sounds there should be nominated member of staff that guide people to the pre-nomintaed meeting points.

  • Testing

    It is a legal requirement to test your fire alarm system regularly, not just internally, but with a more in depth test from us.

Services Overview

Break Glass

Inside is a switch which will activate the fire alarm system as soon as the glass is broken, very simple but effective.

Complex Circuits

We can design and install very complex systems, and have the infrastructure to offer a complete maintenance service.

Fire Zones

Large buildings get split into smaller fire zones for safety reasons, generally all zones are centrally monitored.

Internal Sirens

Sometimes, even in the most remote parts of a building a siren is safety essential and a legal requirement.

Skilled Technicians

All our fire equipment technicians are highly skilled and standards are upheld to the highest possible degree.

Outdoor Sirens

These days they are normally of the modern and reliable digital variety, but look very much like the 'old fashioned' bell system.