Outdoor Lighting

  • Outdoor Wall Lights

    Strategically placed, outdoor wall lights can really enhance your garden landscape scheme, enhancing features and walls.

  • Post Lights

    These are ideal for lighting up pathways and driveway edges, they are available in a huge range of colours and styles.

  • Fish Pond Lighting

    Nothing more relaxing than sitting beside a beautifully lit fish pond during dusk and night time, careful planning will create serenity.

  • Sensor Lights

    There are two benefits to these very popular lights, they will light up to assist you to see, also they will act as a deterrent to any unwanted visitors.

  • Flood Lights

    Mainly used in big gardens to light up walls and features from a distance to create an enhanced feeling to the garden landscape.

  • Garden Spot Lights

    These are used in many different situations, but probably the most common is to light up water features and rockery areas.

Services Overview

Post Lighting

Here is an example of some beautiful post lights, showing how they can not only light up the pathway but create a wonderful atmosphere.

Flood Lighting

In this instance, the flood lights are being used to light up the lawn, all the bushes and tress, also the sitting area of the garden.

Ornate Path Lights

Keeping the long driveway edge lit from a safety aspect but also creating a very classy and ornate atmosphere.

Short Post Lights

Giving a wonderful glow to the lower part of the fir trees, whilst keeping the block paving path lit and safe.

Ornate Globe Lights

These are used in many different situations, but extremely well suited to the top of walls and posts as displayed.

Fish Pond Lighting

Probably the most important finishing touch to any garden pond design, there are numerous version of floating and sunken lights.