Security And Burglar Alarms

  • Burglar Alarms

    Your business building probably contains documentation and/or valuable equipment and documents, keep them safe with a security system.

  • Door Entry Systems

    We offer a full range of door entry systems, from card swipe, proximity to touch pad. All have their own niche uses, so please ask us to advise.

  • Sensors

    On the market these days, is an endless choice of alarm sensors, many of which are designed for a specific use, we can advise you.

  • Monitoring Service

    By far the most efficient and modern technology is to have your security system linked to a monitoring system or direct to the police.

  • Fault Finding

    Fault finding within a security system can be one of the complex tasks for any technician, we have all the latest technology to diagnose quickly.

  • Maintenance Contracts

    Advisable, but not suitable for all sizes of business, we'll talk to you about your business and help you make the right decision.

Services Overview

Card Swipe

One of the most popular options for door access, access is granted to your employees via a card programmer which you control.

Number Entry

Provided the numbers remain secure this is by far the easiest system to administer, if you're ever in doubt simply change the number.


This is one of the highest technical sensors, giving you peace of mind that unauthorised entry will be detected and trigger an alarm.


Sometimes discreet, but on other occasions deliberately made visible to deter burglars, some businesses use a combination of both.

Press to Call

Here is an example of a door entry system with a press to call and chat option, this gives added security..

Internal Doors

You can easily create restricted zones within your building by using a simple numeric pad door entry systems.